First Go At Pulled Pork – Prep

Nothing says “barbecue” like pork shoulder, cooked low and slow and bathed in sweet, sweet smoke. First up…

The Meat

For this barbecue staple we first need to acquire what the Americans call a “pork butt”. This might take some explanation. The pork butt or Boston butt as it’s known isn’t from the rear of the animal. It’s the shoulder i.e. the part where the front leg connects. Pork butt means bugger all to your average British butcher so that might explain how I’ve ended up with this:

I explained what I wanted over the phone, but something obviously got lost in translation. What I wanted was a pork shoulder, hough removed, squared with the blade bone in. I seem to have been sold the pork loin end of the shoulder, because what you’re looking at there is a pork spare rib chop joint. Not a good start but we’ll persist. I removed the bone and trimmed the sinew away to leave exposed meat. Now it’s time for…

The Rub

I’m a barbecuing novice, so I’ve decided to follow the sage advice of the amazing Meathead, whose website is packed full of a lifetime of barbecue experience. With that in mind I’ve decided to use his Memphis Dust. Here’s what we have:

Rosemary, onion granules, garlic powder, rock salt, ginger powder, paprika, black pepper, dark brown sugar and ordinary white granulated sugar.

Once it’s mixed together it looks a bit like this:

Rub it onto the meat. I’ve not used too much, just enough to coat the meat really, as per Meathead’s instructions. Once the rub adheres you see why. It reacts with the moisture in the meat and becomes a paste. Into some clingfilm it goes:

And when I get up tomorrow morning I should have some beautifully marinated meat.


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