Behold The ProQ Excel

The little kettle grill that could is no more. He gave me some great pulled pork and did an ok job of some spare ribs, but the cold, hard truth is that if I want to make truly great barbecue I need a proper smoker. After much deliberation I humbly asked Santa for a ProQ Excel. It was either this or a Weber Smoky Mountain, and to be honest I would have been happy with either. The ProQ has a few nifty features such as eyelets to accommodate probe thermometers (no more dangling it in the vent holes), and snap clips to hold the whole thing tightly together. I read lots of reviews before settling, and the guys over at the British BBQ Society forums spoke very highly of it. From now on I’ll have no excuses.


2 thoughts on “Behold The ProQ Excel

  1. Epic BBQ is epic. But the weber you have in the background is a top piece of kit – I also have one of those đŸ™‚

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